Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mike Tyler & Richard Payne - Method Man, Adam F, Doctor P: The Pit

Submitted by Richard Payne for more animated music videos.
Video Credits:
Directed by Mike Tyler and Richard Payne
Produced by Richard Payne
Illustration and art direction by Adam Relf
3D modelling and animation by Aaron Moreno
Exec Producer: Callum Gordon
Written and composited by Mike Tyler
2D Backgrounds by John Lane
Robot Modelling and positioning reference by Simon Zaurrini
Robots Illustrated by Agri Kurniawan, Eko Puteh and Zefanya Langkan Maega
Cel Frame Fx by Mathieu Scanlon, Kimberly Ray, John Lane and Adam Relf
Colour Grading by Josh Callis-Smith and Mike Tyler
Production Assistant: Kaelan Ratcliffe
Reference photography by Mike Tyler
Sound Design by Tom Smith
Doctor P
Method Man
Adam F
Dave Beech
Kaelan Ratcliffe
Joe Lipscombe Noble
Callum Gordon
Charlotte Anne Netherwood
Dilima Litasia Netherwood
Emma Susan Dodd
Katie Hicklin
Flux Pavillion
Guy from Roksonix
Cookie Monsta
Phil from Roksonix
Robin from Brown and Gammon
Will from Brown and Gammon
Richard Payne
Mike Tyler

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